Explore the Wild Side of Tanzania National Parks


Looking for an unforgettable safari vacation? Tanzania may be just what you are looking for. With a plethora of guided safari options and national parks to visit, there is sure to be something for everyone. Located in East Africa and home to 14 national parks with a bounty of wild animals unique to this region alone, visitors are sure to have a distinct experience.

Arusha National Park in the northern part of the country covers 53 square miles. A number of different habitats and terrain can be explored here, ranging from three wetland ecosystems to the peak of Mount Meru. With the airport a mere 37 miles away, this park has been dubbed the “safari capitol” of the region.

Though it may be the smallest at only 20 square miles, don’t let the Gombe National Park’s size fool you. This park is packed with primates and was where British researcher Jane Goodall conducted her study on chimpanzees. Visitors will also have a chance to see some off the 200 different species of birds that make this their home..

Australia National Parks


10. Litchfield (NT)

Positioned in Australia’s top end, 100 kilometres south-west of Darwin, Litchfield National Park is spectacular all year round and boasts the best of the Australian¬† national park.

Explore Florence Falls, Tabletop Swamp, Greenant Creek, Wangi Falls and Walker Creek, soaking up the unique wonder of this truly incredible place.

9. Daintree Rainforest (QLD)

The Greater Daintree Rainforest has existed for more than 110 million years and is thought to be one of the oldest on earth. The National Park itself can be divided into three sections: The Daintree Rainforest, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation.

These are some of the most beautiful and unique places in Australia and offer incredible experiences that will remain in your memory forever.
Blue Mountains

8. Blue Mountains (NSW)

Visited by more than 3 million people each year, the Blue Mountains National Park rests just outside of Sydney and boasts some of Australia’s most incredible mountain landscapes.

This park is characterised by its chiselled

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park


The complex of Phong Nha – Ke is situated in western Bo Trach district, near by the international border with Laos. The national park is located in one of the largest areas of contiguous limestone karst in Indochina, which also includes Hin Namno National Protected Area in Laos. It also is a part of the area of the oldest limestone mountains in Asia, which were taken about 400 million years ago. In addition, it contains special values of the formation and development of the earth. 94% of the area of the entire forest is covered by primitive forest, so its biodiversity is richest among forests in Vietnam. The forest boasts 568 floras and 876 faunas, many of which are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book. For this great value, UNESCO has recognized Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park as the World Travel Natural Heritage Site in 2003

Phong Nha Groto

The beautiful grotto of Phong Nha has a depth of 13000m with 14 large caves which are from

Some Great Destinations and Top Things to Do in Bali

If you are talking about Bali, there are many things to do and to visit. This island provides complete package for holiday. Spending holiday in this island will not find its ending. There are many great things to find in this island. Of course, there are top things to do in bali related to its destinations.The great things about this island is related to its heritage. The island has combination of beautiful nature and well-maintained cultural heritages. All of them becomes great destinations to visit. In this case, the natural view becomes one of the great things to visit. Related to the natural views, Bali is always famous for its awesome beaches. Many beaches can be visited in this place and Legian can be one of the good beaches to visit. This beaches can provide compact and complete package. There are many things to do in this beaches. Surfing and doing water sports are one of them. Playing the water on the white sands can also be alternative. The beaches also provide local art market. For the sunset, Jimbaran can be good place. Instead of them, there is Kuta, Sanur and Seminyak beach.

Then, after visiting

Most Visited National Parks

Every year millions of tourers are visiting national parks, but the most difficult part of planning is that excursion may be choosing a park destination from numerous choices. An overview of the top six most visited National Parks for the year 2013 is the right place to start narrowing down the choices.

Great Smoky Mountains

The United States National Park is located in the midst of some of the oldest mountains on the planet earth. It is one of the most visited parks that draw more than nine million visitors a year. Clouds obscure a valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park has been contrived as a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve, because of its rich diversity of animal life and plant. Tourists from across the world visit the park to relish the amazing beauty of the mountain and catch a glimpse of one of the 1,500 bears. One can enjoy several activities here including camping, hiking, auto touring and more.

Grand Canyon

More than four million tourers visit this geological masterpiece each year and please their eyes with one of the true wonders of the world. Ninety percent of tourers first

Yellowstone National Park

A beautiful natural landscape filled will an amazing terrain, geysers, hot springs and other natural thermal areas which surprise you with its innumerable natural assets on every step. That’s Yellowstone National Park for you. Welcome to the incredible land, welcome to the Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park has a unique history. It is the world’s first national park which was given the status in the year 1872. To add to it the Yellowstone National Park is also a UNESCO world heritage site which boasts of its significance on the global map. In all the Yellowstone National Park is a great example of natural diversity and beauty. It is strikingly jeweled with geysers, hot springs, boiling mud pools, and other geothermal features along with an abundant wildlife which include grizzly bears, wolves and free roaming herds of bison and elks.

The Yellowstone National Park is a lively center of tourist activities which is on the rise every year. It is located in the western states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. People come to see the rare and unique geothermal activities happening in this area and moreover the innumerable holidaying options

Three Canadian Must sees of All National Parks

Not all national parks in Canada are cut from the same cloth. They are as diverse as the country is wide. From the east coast of Newfoundland to the farthest reaches of the Northwest Territories, you will find something for every taste and budget. There are too many to name all national parks in Canada but below are three popular ones you shouldn’t miss.

Cape Breton Highlands, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Driving along the Cabot Trail that skirts the rocky cliffs of the northern coast of Cape Breton, you feel like you stepped out of North America and into the Scottish Highlands. What you have to look forward to in this Canadian national park are breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, rolling green mountains, steep roads, deep valleys, and enough scenery to fill a photo album (or your digital memory card).

The Cape Breton Highlands are also home to several family-friendly trails and beaches, and is the location of the best public golf course in Canada, the Highland Links.

Of all national parks, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park should be seen to be

Visit Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park extends more than 3,400 square miles across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It is the oldest, and thus the first, national park in the world, and has plenty of geysers, hot springs, and wildlife and unsurpassed beauty to intrigue and entertain anyone looking for a glimpse of true nature at its best. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem makes up a large part of the park, and is one of the largest untouched ecosystems that are still in pristine condition. The park was named for the rocks that are found in the canyon, which was formed by floods and soil erosion from the Yellowstone River.

Native Americans inhabited the Yellowstone National Park area for many years before the park was actually established. The first American to set foot in the area was John Colter, who was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. F.V. Hayden was the one who actually started the set up of the national park due to his explorations in 1871 of the area that is now Yellowstone.

There are a variety of things to see and do at Yellowstone National Park, including a wide array of

Australian National Parks

Gondwana is the ancient name of the huge land mass made up of Africa, Australia, India, Antarctica and South America. Over 100 million years ago the mass broke up to form the individual countries. Australia is one of these countries and is one of the driest continents in the world .

Today there are 516 National Parks in Australia covering 3% of the land. That might not sound very much but given the size of Australia, it equates to 25 million hectares!

The parks are looked after by state governments but there are some National Parks that are deemed so significant that they are looked after by the Federal Government.

No visit to Australia is complete without a trip to at least one National Park. Most of its famous natural attractions are in one of the parks anyway, so by default, you’ll end up visiting.

Which ones are the best National Parks to visit? It’s certainly not feasible to visit or tell you about all 516. I will however tell you which are my favourites.

Firstly a little more background on

Land of Verdant National Parks and Exotic Wildlife

New Zealand has a natural opulence of lushness that can rarely be found elsewhere on the blue planet. The emerald greenery of New Zealand in the form of national parks covers thousands of square kilometers offering breathtaking landscapes for nature lovers. These national parks also give you an opportunity to spot rare species of animals and indulge in daredevilry through mountain biking and extreme adventure sports.

1. Egmont National Park – Trekkers flock to this park to climb Mt. Egmont, a 2518-meter high looming presence in the backdrop of the park, a volcanic peak, also known as Mt. Taranaki. The park itself is full of cascading waterfalls, dense rainforests and mystique swamps. The vegetation is a case study in itself ranging from rimu and kamahi at lower altitudes to herb fields and sub-alpine shrubs at higher altitudes. Goblin Forests with their gnarled trees offer another attraction.

There are walking tracks such as the Pouakai Circuit and the trails to Dawson Falls and Wilkies Pool. The Kamahi Walk in East Egmont through Goblin Forest and the trail over Ahukawakawa Swamp offer an interesting experience too. The eastern slopes are perfect for

Were National Parks the One Good Thing

Today we think of government and corporations as big and impersonal. But then, and now, the people who run things are relatively small in number, a club. The Club follows its own rules, rules from a book nearly a century old, which mandate two standards of behavior, kindness, honesty and concern for Club members, real people, and an entirely different set of rules for ordinary Americans. Normally members of the Club do not discuss the difference in standards. But one member of their club did so, with stunning candor.

Edward Bernays said this about his use of propaganda, which he had deftly repackaged as public relations. “(The) American business community was also very impressed with the propaganda effort. They had a problem at that time. The country was becoming formally more democratic. A lot more people were able to vote and that sort of thing. The country was becoming wealthier and more people could participate and a lot of new immigrants were coming in, and so on.

So what do you do? It’s going to be harder to run things as a private club. Therefore, obviously, you have to control

Glacier National Park

The most visited place in Montana, Glacier National Park is a crown jewel in America’s National Park System. The park derived its name from the more than 50 perennial ice fields within its 1600 square miles of pristine wilderness that spans the Continental Divide. The park has over 200 alpine lakes, 700 miles of maintained hiking trails and almost 1000 miles of creeks, rivers and waterfalls.

Mystical, primal forests, rugged majestic mountains and wildflower blanketed alpine meadows are all part of one of the largest, bio-diverse and intact ecosystems to be found in the lower 48 states. In 1979, the United Nations designated Waterton – Glacier International Peace Park as the world’s first International Biosphere Reserve. Further honors were bestowed upon the park in 1995 when UNESCO honored the park’s international significance by designating it a World Heritage Site.

For over 20,000 years glaciers have crafted and carved this majestic landscape. A glacier is a slowly moving mass of snow and ice formed when more snow falls each winter than melts in the following summer. The heavy snowfall accumulates and the weight creates pressure and forms the lower layers into

America Most Visited National Parks

For lovers of the great outdoors America offers many National Parks for visitors to explore on their holidays to the USA. From hiking to cycling, rock-climbing to white-water rafting and from beautiful wild flowers to grizzly bears, there is a park to suit everyone. The following are just a few of the many parks that you will find throughout the country, there are just far too many to mention them all.

Grand Canyon National Park

Listed as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing sights to see in the whole of the world. Over thousands of years, the Colorado River has cut through the canyon leaving sights that will take your breath away. In 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon as a national monument and in 1919 it was designated a national park. White-water rafting and hiking here in the park are absolutely awesome. From Tuweep Overlook you can enjoy amazing views of the Colorado River 3000 feet below! The South Rim of the park is the most accessible and the most popular but many people like

Best National Parks

The welcome mat in our National Park System rolls up when we drive in with our dogs. Very few national parks allow dogs on hiking trails. In Yellowstone National Park dogs are not allowed more than 100 feet from roads, parking areas and campgrounds. In Yosemite National Park dogs can walk the paved paths of the Valley floor but are not permitted on any trail or slope. At the Grand Canyon dogs can walk along the South Rim in developed areas but can not go on any trail below the rim. At Zion National Park dogs are permitted on one mild trail.

And on and on. So, while most of America is making plans to visit our national natural treasure, we dog owners must be a bit more creative. Here are the 5 best national parks to take your dog in America.

1. Acadia National Park Bar Harbor, Maine

Acadia National Park is certainly one of the crown jewels in the National Park Service and dogs will not bark in dissent – this is the best national park to bring your dog for outdoor adventure. Except for

New Zealand National Parks

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park, opened in 1942, is potentially the most famous of New Zealand’s national parks, and with good reason. It has earned its reputation thanks to its golden sandy beaches, its many rocky outcrops and its unmodified estuaries.

It has a mild climate, making it a popular place to visit year round, and with plenty of sunshine hours during summer the beaches are very popular. The landscape tends to look scarse at times due to the early settlers tendency to fire the hills to create pasture, but thanks to the time it has been given forests are regenerating. The wildlife you can expect to see here are tui, bellbirds, pukekhoes, weka, dolphins, seals and even some penguins.

What to do in Abel Tasman National Park?

There is plenty to see and do in and around the Abel Tasman. One of the best known activities is sea kayaking and with plenty of operators willing to show you around you really are spoilt for choice.

Other fantastic ways to see the park are on a sail boat, charter boat, above in a helicopter or airplane or you can go

The Historic National Park Lodge

Take a tour of Americas historic national park lodges.

These crown jewels of the National Park Service are uniquely located in some of the nation’s most remote scenic back country. Most of these remarkable landmarks were hand-crafted at or before the turn of the last century. Small armies of old world artisans and craftsmen came together to showcase their remarkable skills in Americas newly formed national parks.

All of these remarkable century old structures are recognized as historic national landmarks for their unique craftsmanship that is unequaled and irreplaceable to this day. Each of them should be preserved, visited and enjoyed by all generations.

No better locations can be found anywhere in North America to experience the vast scenic outdoors. If you enjoy nature or watching endangered wildlife roaming wild and free that are virtually unavailable and inaccessible in their natural setting anywhere else in the country. America’s national park lodges and the national parks they reside in are the only place to start your adventure of a lifetime from.

Below you will find a short description of fifteen of Americas premiere historic national

Exotic Bird Watching Tours of Nepal in Chitwan National Park

Guided bird watching tours are not always the preference for nature enthusiasts who relish the quiet and solitude of their interest. However, to ensure a focused experience in unfamiliar terrain such as Nepal, a guided tour is invaluable. To guarantee both the most optimal sighting opportunities, as well as personal safety, a guided tour through Nepal’s Chitwan National Park and other world famous nature preserves can prove a memorable experience. In some areas, this kind of eco-tourism is essential for the preservation of the habitats.

Navigating the Terrain

Nepal’s terrain should not be underestimated, even for the most seasoned traveller. Altitudes rise from Chitwan’s sea level to over 2700 meters in the Kathmandu Valley. The avian sighting opportunities are not restricted by the higher elevations, but for the more focused and dedicated bird watching tours to the area, a guide is recommended to enable visitors to sight particular species in this sometimes physically demanding environment. Many of the guides found in Nepal are experts on the local wildlife as well as the terrain and the climate.

A Unique Environment

Chitwan National Park, a World

Bharatpur National Park

“I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven”.
By: Emily Dickinson

Flaunting their bright colours and attractive figures, the beautiful birds inhabiting Bharatpur National Park attract tourists from across the globe. So get ready with your cap, sport shoes and a binocular and venture into the Baratpur National Park, a World Heritage Site. Also known as Keoladeo National Park, it is truly a paradise for bird lovers. Established in 1890 by the Maharaja of Bharatpur, the Park is located in the princely state of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The Park derived its name from the Shiva temple located in its boundary.

Bharatpur National Park is the abode of more than 300 bird species and a variety of other wildlife species. Its temporary residents (migratory birds) flock from destinations like Europe, Siberia,China and Tibet. At the National Park you can treat your eyes with sights of interesting birds such as cormorant, darter, purple and grey heron, various species of egret, painted, open-billed, white necked and black necket stork, white ibis, spoonbill, night heron Siberian crane, the Siberian Greyleg Goose, the Chinese Bareheaded Goose and the list goes

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is world-renowned for its massive sandstone cliffs and red canyon walls. Visitors come from all over the world (an annual average of about 3 million) to explore the park’s 229 square miles of desert valleys filled to the brim with lush vegetation and flowing water.

The Virgin River has formed Zion Canyon over many, many centuries through the process of erosion, leaving behind beautiful canyons, waterfalls, and majestic monoliths. With such a diversified landscape, Zion National Park offers an extensive number of activities for visitors of all ages and interests.

One of Zion’s most popular attractions is the Narrows, a dramatic gorge in the upper reaches of the park that was carved by the downstream flow of the Virgin River. The Narrows are 16 miles long with canyon walls up to 2000 feet high and at times, only 20 feet wide. The river water is clean and clear, a stunning contrast to the sandstone cliffs that envelope it. Hiking the Narrows means actually trekking through the Virgin River; there is no set hiking trail or path, you just follow the river. This means the majority of the

The World Most Convenient Wildlife Park

Nairobi National Park is a full wildlife resort located just outside the city of Nairobi, Kenya. This makes the Kenyan capital the only city in the world where you can be in the middle of the bush with a 30-minute car ride from the city centre. Most wild African animals can be spotted there. So although Nairobi National Park is one of the smaller wildlife parks in Kenya – it’s 117 square kilometres or 45 square miles – it can’t be beat for convenience.

The Habitat of the Park

Nairobi National Park is made up mostly of dry open grasslands, also known as savannah. The wide open spaces are broken up with groves of scrubby acacia bushes, and the occasional steep valley. There is also a river that runs through the park, the Athi river, adding to the variety of wildlife and birds you’ll find (there are over 400 species of birds recorded in the park). The park is only fenced on the Nairobi side, so animals can migrate freely from and to the park.

Speaking of wildlife, the Nairobi National Park is home to all the